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Ceremonial Self Care for Transformation Massage


Embodied ReEnchantment was created to help you slow down, take time for self care, and connect with the voice of your inner wisdom and truth.


This ritual is created exactly for that!

This basic clearing and calling in ritual will also charge your 100% Crystal Filled Eye Pillow with your intention and the qualities you want to keep close at heart. After your eye pillow is charged, each time you connect with it, you reconnect to what you are calling in. 

Black Sky

Guided Audio Ritual

Read on for the step by step

self care ritual 


  • Create a moment without distractions - Five minutes will do in a pinch!

  • A comfortable place to sit or lay down, a cozy nest for your sacred self care ritual. 

  • Your crystal pillow.

  • Your bell.

  • Your Wish vessel.

  • Water, a favorite beverage, chocolate, or fruit - to take in at the end of your ritual - to nourish yourself with the magick you are about to make.

embodied reenchantment collage art by Amanda Stone, LMT


1. SET YOUR RITUAL SPACE - Ring your bell to clear the space of any influences and energy, and denote your sacred space and your intention for a moment of self care. Call forth your innermost self for some sacred self-care & unconditional love.


2. GROUNDING - Have your wish vessel on hand. Sit with your 100% crystal filled eye pillow over your eyes or resting on your heart. Breathe into this place. Take a slow easy breath in through your nose. Exhale even slower through your mouth. Feel your body supported by whatever is beneath you. Let yourself sink in.

Arrive. Breathe in for 4 - Breathe out for 6. Give yourself permission to arrive, to sink in, to be here, to be human. Feel your breath easily being received by your body. Don't force an effortful breath. Let it seep in. Let it flow out.


3. PROTECTION - Imagine a bubble of protection surrounding you. Let it be as big as you want it to be for this moment. Notice what color your bubble is. Notice any sensations that come up.


4. WELCOMING THE CRYSTALS - Put your attention on the crystals. Tune in to their unique healing frequencies. Call on their support to guide you in connecting to your inner world, emotions, and intentions. Call in any other support you wish to call upon for your ritual time.


5. CONNECTING TO SELF - Now put your attention on your heart. Breathe in and become present with this part of you.

Breathe out and imagine anything stuck or heavy or blocked flowing away from you, out of your bubble, and into the Earth.

Stay present with this part of you, breathing easy attention here.

Notice what you notice. Nothing is right or wrong. You are here to explore and be compassionate with your truth.

Notice any words, notice anything beyond words. Notice any colors, textures, temperatures... Notice how big or small this place in your body feels.

Notice any sensations or emotions coming up as you hold presence with yourself in this place in your body. Remember the crystals are here to help you hold it all. Be gentle and don't force yourself. Breathe with what you notice. Notice the sensations in your body.

If any strong emotions come up, see if you can create more space to honor them on your breath in.

Are there any messages for you here? Do you want to tell your heart something? Does your heart want to speak to you? 


6. RELEASING - Once more releasing into the Earth, breathe out, and imagine anything that is ready to be released traveling down to the center of the Earth to be neutralized. 


7. CALLING IN - Now zoom out and imagine yourself floating far above yourself, looking down upon your life. You are a creature made of stars! What do you want to invoke into your life, your days, and your heart? What qualities do you want to call in and embody? Whisper your intentions into your wish vessel.


8. INFUSION - Now imagine sparkling, golden cosmic light showering down upon you, filling you up from head to toe with this quality, empowering you and your crystals. Notice how this feels in your body. Breathe through any sensations, and bask in these feelings of empowerment. Imagine these qualities being infused into your 100% crystal filled eye pillow. 

9. GRATITUDE - Thank yourself with hands over your heart or eyes, or a hug, or whatever feels right for you. Thank yourself for making time for yourself and for showing up for you.


10. COMING BACK - Go slowly, in your own time. Staying with the energy that is moving, wiggle yourself awake and back into the room. 


11. CLOSING - Ring the bell to close the circle. 


12. INTEGRATION - Take a sip of your water or a nibble of your snack to help you come back into yourself, honoring your body. Be gentle with yourself and consider taking some quiet time to ease yourself back into your routines. 



  • Know that your bubble of protection never leaves you.

  • You have charged your eye pillow with your intentions. Like a talisman, the crystals can remind you of your intention and the qualities you want to keep close at heart. Connect to your eye pillow to reconnect to what you are calling in. 

  • You can also carry your wish vessel with you to remind yourself of this empowerment and what you are calling in. 

  • You can ring your bell at any time you need to feel your truest innermost self, and send yourself some unconditional love.

  • And you can repeat this process as often as you wish, to resource yourself as you grow and connect more deeply with your innermost self and truth. Learning about yourself is a journey - an ever changing one! You are a myriad of dimensions.



  • Light a candle at the start of your ritual, a live flame of being witnessed.

  • Start or end with a bath to get into your body, to soothe and clear your energy and mind, or integrate what came up for you during your ritual.

  • Use your favorite essential oil to anoint yourself at the start of your ritual and further charge the ritual space with your essence. Or anoint yourself at the end of your ritual, imagining that it holds the qualities you are calling in.

  • Next time, try connecting to other body parts or chakras - what do they want to tell you?

  • Maybe you'd like to journal after your ritual to release and integrate.



I hope that this ritual has helped you connect more deeply to your senses and your self today!


With love, Amanda

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