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Amanda & Cosmic Hands Massage & Energy Magick acknowledge the sacred land where I live, work, teach, learn, & build community.

I acknowledge that my business is founded on the unceded, traditional ancestral homelands of Agawam, Massachusett, Naumkeag, Nipmuck, & Wampanoag nations.

I am making this acknowledgment to honor the original owners, healers, & medicine holders of this land that I am now offering healing work on - land that we now refer to as the greater Boston area.


I also want to recognize the repeated violations of sovereignty & territory perpetrated by colonizers - my own ancestors - that have impacted the Indigenous people for the last 400 years & into the present.

I extend my respect to citizens of these Nations who live here today, their ancestors who have lived here for over 500 generations, & to all Indigenous people. I also affirm that this acknowledgment is insufficient. It does not undo the harm that has been done & continues to be perpetrated now against Indigenous people & their land, water, & air. 

Today, Boston is also home to thousands of Indigenous people from across Turtle Island, & I am grateful to have the opportunity to live & work here, & to call this my birth land.

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